Dominatrix NYC, London, Dubai, Switzerland, HK

My name is Goddess Allegra,

I am the Goddess of love and a luxury I am a highly skilled , Dominatrix, your femdom, and Mistress for Basel, and only for gentlemen with specific tastes. I’m a beautiful woman, extremely appealing and addictive, a professional dominatrix offering a range of hot practices from sensual play for newcomers to mind-blowing hard sessions for guys who have an eye on BDSM and a experienced Dominatrix, traveling to the UK, Asia and Europe (Dominatrix session between St.Moritz, Basel, Bern, Lugano, Marbella, Monaco, Ibiza, Luxembourg, Dublin, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai)

To make sure that you know what I mean please read extended info about my services and the questions you should ask yourself and as well as me when making a reservation.

Arrange a pre-booking with me.

I am available for outcall shorter or longer encounters, dinner dates, overnight or as your elegant travel companion. For newcomers and if we never had a session together than my minimum arrangement is a 2-hour sessions so that I can introduce you to my exquisite world of domination and get them satisfied.

First time my Dominatrix session in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai aund Beijing. And I offer cuckold session in Hong Kong , Singapore and Shanghai.

Than i travel to Malta, Milano, Lugano, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and St.Tropez, London and Dublin for my Dominatrix session and cuckold session.

Than at the end of 2022 i will visit Marbella,Ibiza, Barcelona, - only for 2 weeks for a high class Escort Service, Dominatrix Session and cuckold sesison

Than my Dominatrix tour will go to Oman, Muscat, Oman, Bahrain and Dubai as well to Abu Dhabi and offer my high class Escort and Dominatrix Session over there.

Keep in touch to fix the date and agree on details.I prefer a pre-booking!

Age: 38

High: 5.9 tall (175 cm)

Hair: Blond

Size: 38D , Dress 38, Shoes 8.5


1 hr session in Basel - 500

2 hr session for new subs - 800 roses

Dinner date 3 hours with dessert - 1000 roses!



you are also able to follow me / subscribe on:

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Screening is required if you like to arrange to see me!!! Send your first and last name and listed phone number, your lnkedin profile and or business website! I will NEVER meet you if i am unable to verify who you are!

If I am not in your country - arrange a booking with me! and fly me to you. I prefer an overnight booking!

I am a highly exclusive and I am providing the highest class services and guarante privacy and reliability.

Yet I care about my own safety thus I need to check you first to know who you are. I hope that’s alright for you and thanks for understanding.

If you can’t afford my exclusive companionship or verify your identity, don’t contact me!

When I am in the USA arrange a Session with me as your Dominatrix for Manhattan, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Boston., as well as a cuckold session between Manhattan, New York and Miami, South Beach.

I also offer high class Escort Service for an overnight booking in Atlantic City,Casino Resort for a weekend or only one night of fun. Your perfect female travel companion and travel Escort around te world!




Some of my interests include…

  • Ball busting
  • Cock and ball torture (CBT)
  • Collar and leash
  • Corporal punishment & impact play (spanking, flogging, caning, whipping, paddling)
  • Domestic discipline
  • Dildo training
  • Electro stimulation
  • Foot and shoe worship
  • Forced bi & cuckold fantasies (only after our first session - not on our first meeting!)
  • Feminization & sissification ( minimum booking 3 hours )
  • Hot wax
  • Humiliation, both verbal and physical
  • Latex and leather fetish
  • Nipple torture
  • Pantyhose and lingerie fetish
  • Public humiliation
  • Puppy and pony play
  • Role play (teacher, nurse, co-worker, ex-girlfriend)
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Shaving
  • Spitting & slapping
  • Stocking/pantyhose fetish
  • Tease and denial
  • Tickling (giving)
  • Trampling
  • Verbal abuse and degradation
  • golden showers
  • Strap-on play
  • cuckold session
  • cuckoldress
  • forced bi-session
  • sissy training
  • feminisation
  • public humiliation
  • Finanzial domination / your findom - only email domination - no skpye or webcam session
  • ​NO BROWN SHOWER !! NO WRESLING - NO CUCK BALL BUSTiNG! and no i dont need a personal slave!


Submit and please me and worship me! If you are not able to spend money please leave my website!

Many people practice BDSM without knowing it: to tie your partner to the bed and run ice cubes or silk over the body, is in the BDSM world called "sensual play".

Let's play my games and enter my domination world.

Send me an email and let me know when and where you want to book a session with me!

I am 5'9" tall ( 175cm) , elegant, dominant, blonde hair, no tattoos and no Piercing.


My minimum booking for new clients : 2 hours - screening and pre-booking required!

I travel around the world and my donation is written in US - Dollar. Sure you can exchange US DOLLAR in Euro!

If you are not able to pay my donation please never ask me for a discount! My donation is not a negotiation!


Before you email me please be sure - WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR:


Some guys know exactly what they are into and what they are looking for. But some are still figuring themselves out and learning.

Having trouble thinking of what you want to try in a session with me?

Please make a list, research and think just for yourself of the stuff you are interested in and what you like to try. Don’t leave anything out even if you assume a Pro Domme doesn’t do it. Remember this list is only for you.

If you are unsure, here are some things to ask yourself and think about:


-What is drawing you towards seeing a Pro Domme in the first place?

-What types of things on the internet or in your fantasies intrigue you?

-Are you a submissive man? Meaning, do you like a Dominant woman to take charge and control you and surrendering yourself to her?

-Are you the type who fantasizes about taking pain for a Dominant woman or crave pain (even if you are unsure how much pain you can handle and are afraid)? If so, you are likely a masochist. Some are light masochists, some are heavy masochists. Everyone is different. Or do you dislike receiving pain?

-Do you fantasize about rubbing my feet, fetching, coffee, worship me and tending my needs in different ways as if you are my owned property? Do you have a strong desire to belong to me and be trained by me? If so, you might be a deeper kind of submissive called a slave.

-Are you into being restrained? Feeling helpless? You might want to list bondage/restraints

-Are you a fetishist? Do you have a very strong attraction to a body part or an object such as feet, high heels, boots, leather, latex outfits, gloves for example? Stockings? Pantyhose? Does your ideal situation involve a Mistress dressed in shiny tight rubber? Or anything very specific that is an absolute need for you?

-Are you interested in being degraded? Slapped in the face, spit at, called names, verbally cruel taunts, made to do demeaning things? Some are interested in light or severe forms of degradation.

-Are you interested in being laughed at? Humiliated by your Mistress? Made to do silly and stupid activities that amuse her and maybe even her friends too? Are you interested in being their bossed-around court jester? You might enjoy light or severe humiliation.

-Are you into her ignoring you, using you as a chair, a foot rest, a table, even maybe a toilet? There to be a piece of furniture to her? An human ashtray while she smokes and ignores you? Then you are into objectification/human furniture play.

-Are you into cross-dressing, complete with make-up, wigs, and training to be a woman in a very agreeable way?

-Are you into being FORCED or MADE TO CROSSDRESS as a form of amusement for her, or punishment? Then you are into forced-feminization.

-Are you into being cross-dressed in over the top frilly exaggerated feminine outfits and made to act extremely overly exaggeratedly feminine? You are probably into sissy training. Or being your Mistress’s sissy maid.

-Are you into playing out a fantasy such as a schoolboy and his teacher, or a boss and secretary, co-workers, Batman and CatWoman, or any other role other than Dominatrix and client? If so, you are into a role-play.

-Are you interested in being punished by a Dominant woman in a household setting such as a living room or kitchen with every day objects like a wooden hair brush or a spatula with her dressed up very every-day? Then you are into a “Domestic Discipline Setting.”

-Are you into being beaten by a sadistic woman with a cane or paddle or many other implements for her enjoyment or perhaps as punishment, maybe made to count each strike, wanting to leave feeling sore and maybe even with marks? You are into corporal punishment.

-Are you into adult baby play? Want to be nurtured or punished from a Motherly type figure?

-Are you into regressing in age to a certain age (2 or a 4 yr old for example) or many different younger ages? Then you are into age play.

-Are you into strap-on?

-Are you interested in a bratty girl-next-door type controlling you, (pretending to) blackmail you, or have her way with you? Someone in regular clothing?

-Do you fantasize about your Mistress whoring you out for money? Training you to suck her strap-on so you can suck real cock one day?

-Are you into being strapped down to a medical table and have an evil doctor or nurse do whatever wild exam and tortures she wishes on you? You are definitely into medical play.


There are so many forms of BDSM play and session activities, but these above ideas are just a few examples of common ones to go on. Also think about session activities: Electro play, chastity, bondage, breath play, public outings, kidnapping scenes, and so on.

You also can arrange a cuckold session, feminisation session , cuckoldress with me. I am in Manhattan, New York, New Jersey, Atlantic City, Boston and travel to Los Angeles, Miami, Dublin, Paris and London. And i can visit your coutry / city for a cuckold session and dominatrix session. Or you can arrange a booking with me as your high class Escort, travel companion



Please arrange a session with me 1 or 2 days in advance.


And yes - I need to know who you are. I have to verify / screen who you are!


Send me your first and last name and a listed telephone number and if required also your website and home address for outcalls. This is for my safety, but I am sure you understand. If this is not possible, then I will not meet you!

I will make no exceptions!


I travel between Europe, Asia and the USA. You also can arrange a session with me in New Jersey, New York, and East Hamptons. and yes I ski. You can also arrange a Booking with me in Aspen, Colorado!

From time to time I also fly to Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, London and Dubai for my Dominatrix Service!

And when I am in Switzerland, please feel free to arrange a session with me as Domina, Dominatrix in Basel, Zuerich, St. Moritz and around.

You are more than welcome to invite me to your country / city. Then my minimum package is an overnight stay in a 5 star hotel with a first class air ticket.

After our first session is a "cuckold session" possible!

Send me your email and arrange a booking with me. Your exclusive, high class and elegant Dominatrix for Manhattan, New York, New Jersey, Atlantic City and around.

Dominatrix Luxembourg, Domina Luxembourg, Domina St.Moritz, Dominatrix St. Moritz.

I also offer High Class Esscort Service in Manhattan, New York, Escort service in New Jersey, Atlantic City and around. And sometimes I travel to St. Moritz and Luxembourg as well in Liechtenstein possible. I can be your perfect elegant, high class and exclusive travel companion for your next holiday, business trip or wellness weekend.


If you are not able to spend money on me - please don't contact me and don't waist my time!

Information about screening / verification question:

You like to refuse to answer screening questions. Domina / Dominatrix and Escorts are constantly on the lookout for untruthful clients who may be hiding the truth from them. The screening process prior to meeting up with an Domina / dominatrix or escort for the first time is an essential element to your escort/client relationship. Escorts ask several questions to determine if you are really who you are claiming to be, have any kind of a criminal record or might pose any kind of threat to them upon meeting or a session.

Clients who withhold information or avoid answering the questions may seem like they are trying to avoid disclosing information. Being overly hesitant to divulge this information sends a message to an dominatrix/ domina or an escort that you have something to hide, making you an unsafe risk. Instead of refusing to give information, some clients give false details. This isn’t good, either, when an escort discovers that you are lying after she conducts her research into your background. If you are unsure about answering her questions due to concerns about discretion, you are not a client for me.

AND NO - I will not send you a face picture or nude picture! Don't ask!

And again: YES I have to screen you ! if this is not possible you are unable to see me!

You also can arrange a dinner date with me or an overnight booking.




Dominatrix for Manhattan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Atlantic City, Boston, Mistress New York and around the US, Europe, UK and Dubai.

And if you are turned on to find a financial Dominatrix, FinDom, here I am. Be my money slave, money pig around the world!



And i offer cuckold session on Manhattan, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Jersey City, Newport, Hamilton, Dallas, Austin, Washington, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, South Beach. Aswell forced bi session!

I love to be in contron. I am your perfect Dominatrix.


And this year i travel to Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai Tokyo, Muscat, Oman to offer my high class Escort, fetish Escort and Dominatrix session over there. Arrange a pre-booking with me. Will be there in August / September 2018.

And the first time I offer Dominatrix session in Israel and Tel Aviv, as well in Ankara and Istanbul.