✉ My booking email:



Email me something that is way too long and i will assume you are a wanker or an email freak. That is someone who gets off on writing me very long and very elaborate stories about your kinky fantasies. Your email can be descriptive and informative but must be to the point, and must state that you are interested in booking a session.  Are you  calling me ? Same rules apply. Keep it short, ask the right questions, don’t tell me your life story.

And yes I have to verify / screen who you are first. This is for my safety and I will not see you, if you are unable to provide me with your information. Please email me your first and last name and a listed phone number and if needed your working number and/or your business website. ( no Facebook website). I have to know who you are!!

If I am unable to verify / screen who you are - I will not see you! Please don't waist my time or your time!

Example how to contact me and sure I need your personal information!

“Hello. My name is John. I’m brand new to this and very nervous but decided I need to finally take the plunge. I liked your website and I see we have a lot of the same interests. (Friendly)

I know I am submissive and I have a foot fetish. I like the idea of a Dominant woman controlling me. Pain is something I want to try but I am new to it so I ask we take things very slow. A few things that interest me also are bondage and also human furniture play. I am intrigued by verbal degradation but have never before tried it so perhaps that is something we can also try? I had a girlfriend tie me up once and control me during sex but that was the only past experience I ever had and I always wanted something more. I’ve never seen an actual Dominatrix. (Informative, but short and to the point. Seems like this guy has been trying to figure out his interests and knows a bit of what he’s into). I have a fetish also for black stockings. I have knee problems so I can’t kneel on a hard surface or for a long period of time. (Things I should know in advance, glad he mentioned this right away so I don’t forget the stockings and so I know to not put pressure on his knees).

I am available Friday and Saturday evenings after 6pm. Roughly,  when are you available?

Thanks in advance Goddess Allegra. I hope you consider me for a session.

-John 555-555-5555 (please call only before 5pm, and don’t text or leave voicemails)” OR “Please email me back.”





“Yo, u avail?”  (You are a time-wasting disrespectful jerk)


“I want a session. How much?” (You are not even telling me what you are into, and for how long of an appointment, so how can i give you a price, most likely very unintelligent and disrespectful)


“Call me. BOB 555-5555” (you are probably pranking your friend by emailing his number out to Pro Dommes)


“I want you to own me and control me and I want to be your slave forever. Tom 555-5555.”  (you want to be my slave for free and are not interested in booking a real appointment)


“(insert 2-5 page biography of perverted past endeavors and kinky future hopes).” (you are jerking off while writing this, and you are going to email this novel of smut to every dominatrix listed in all 50 states).

And yes i offer cuckold session in Manhattan, New Jersey, Bedford, Boston, Westcherster and around. I also travel to Dublin, London, Paris, Brussel, Amsterdam and Rotterdam from time to time and offer there cuckold sessions and Dominatrix Sessions. You also can arrange a booking with me as your high class Escort in Luxembourg, Davos, Aspen, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, Brussel and St.Moritz.


IF YOU CONTACT ME YOU AGREE WITH MY TERMS / RULES AND 100% Cancelation fee! IF I have to contact a lawyer to get my cancelation fee you agree to pay my lawyers fee / court fee, too!